Darwin references from my twitter friend @WestPeter

Peter West knows I'm interested in Darwin so he kindly forwards me references when he unearths them. Thanks Peter!

Darwin and the Meaning in Life http://is.gd/4Oe5N (Environmental Values) + ToC

Making Darwin: Biography and the Changing Representations of Charles Darwin http://is.gd/4IDps (J Interdisciplinary History)

Darwin and the origin of life: public versus private science http://is.gd/4HAPc (Endeavour)

(Focus Section) Darwin as a Cultural Icon http://is.gd/4EM6A (ISIS) {4 open access articles}

The Origins of Species: The Debate between August Weismann and Moritz Wagner http://is.gd/4weG5 (J History Biology)

(Book) The Origin Then and Now: An Interpretive Guide to the Origin of Species http://is.gd/4uJIe (By DN Reznick) [Princeton, Oct 2009]

The problem with a Darwinian view of humanity http://is.gd/4t3CA (American Psychologist) [Comments on Darwin special issue]

(Special Issue) Darwin, his publisher and Science Progress http://is.gd/4n0k6 [Science Progress 92(3-4) September 2009]

(Book) Philosophy after Darwin: Classic and Contemporary Readings http://is.gd/3DvCv [Princeton U Press, Sept 2009]

Darwin’s Philosophical Imperative and the Furor Theologicus http://is.gd/3uWpC (Evolution: Education & Outreach)

“A Great Complication of Circumstances” – Darwin and the Economy of Nature http://is.gd/3uWgR (J History of Biology)

The Survival of the Fittest and the Reign of the Most Robust: In Biology and Elsewhere http://is.gd/3uTbf (Minds and Machines)

Naturalising Ethics: The Implications of Darwinism for the Study of Moral Philosophy http://is.gd/2VcMZ (Science & Education)

Getting to Darwin: Obstacles to Accepting Evolution by Natural Selection http://is.gd/2s8VJ (Science & Education) $

Darwinian evolution? - I saw this today- Darwinian Controversies: An Historiographical Recounting http://is.gd/1Zrr1