Rodd and Gunn customer service

For a couple of years I've been buying clothes from Rodd and Gunn. I could go there and get most the clothes I wanted. The problem was I ran into a bunch of quality issues. My trousers got holes in the pockets. The shoes split at the seams. And each time I took the items back they would replace the good without a hassle. The thing is, I'm busy. I don't have time to return goods and then face other potential quality problems.

So I stopped shopping there. Then last week I received an email about their latest sale and at the bottom of the message they had their customer service number. I like to see companies improve, that's what my business is all about, so I rang and gave my feedback. The customer service woman listened carefully, apologised for the inconvenience and said they try and make the garments to to highest possible quality and were always looking for ways to improve. She handled the call expertly. Then she asked whether I minded if the managing director give me a call. I said, "sure." The next day Mike Beagley, Rodd and Gunn's MD, called and listened to my feedback and then said if I ever choose to return to the shop and ever have any problems this is my mobile number, ring me and we will fix it.

I have told this story a number of times this week and I feel good that Rodd and Gunn take quality seriously and there is a good chance I will shop there again.