The fast tracked executive

There was a fast tracked executive who was continually frustrated by the bureaucratic rules that keep him from getting things done. He assumed that when he got to be the big boss, he would sit down at a desk replete with levers and switches that could make things happen around the company. Then he was finally appointed CEO. On his first day, he sat down at the deskā€”and sure enough, there were all the controls in a row on a mahogany panel, plus a sealed note from his predecessor. "Welcome to your control panel," it said when he open it. "None of these are connected."

From Kleiner, A. (2003). Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege, and Success. New York, Currency Doubleday. p.97

Kleiner points out that in fact they are all highly connected in a complex web and pulling a lever, therefore, has unpredictable results.